Roaring Skies on Android
Roaring Skies

On a quiet morning in Guadalcanal a faint hum rolls over the hills from the north. A Japanese Raiden stalks over the treeline. Suddenly a squadron of Imperial Zeros ascend from behind the hills opening fire, deafening all other noises. Take flight! Engage your enemies and protect your allies in the Roaring Skies!

Our vision is to create a game in which friends and foes engage in aerial battle. Strategy and camaraderie are crucial for survival and mastery. This is no puny side-scrolling game; players will flank, gank, and fleet you from every angle. Team work is essential, mavericks will not prevail. Choose your upgrades wisely, as a fighter-pilot's salary is based purely on their head count.

Roaring Skies Beta available on the Android Market! Download for Android